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  • Alvin Seville as Hercules
  • Brittany Miller as Megara
  • Scooby Doo as Philoctetes
  • Pegasus as Himself
  • Uncle Harry as Hades
  • Ratigan and Fidget as Pain and Panic
  • Grayson as Zeus
  • Vinny as Hera
  • Surly as Amphitryon
  • Andie as Alcmene
  • Alvin Smith as Hermes
  • Roland Bellyache as Nessus
  • the Three Fates as Themselves
  • Sailor Moon and her Friends as the Muses
  • as Demetrius the Pot Maker as Themselves
  • The People of Thebes as Themselves
  • Cody and christopher robin as Pain and Panic as Boys
  • Great animal as Hydra
  • Bear as Titans
  • Scar as Cyclops
  • Coming Soon to YouTube


  • This is for 4000Movies.