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Jill Frappier is an English-Canadian voice actress. She was formerly known for voicing Luna in the DiC/Cloverway/Optimum Productions dubs of Sailor Moon, Mrs. Prysselius in Pippi Longstocking, Aunty in Pecola, Miss Finch in Birdz, Doucette in Anatole and Fifi in Hello Kitty and Friends. She has appeared on camera in television and movies such as Wind at My Back, Friday the 13th: The Series, The Dating Guy, Night Heat, TekWar, Spearfield's Daughter, The Twilight Zone, The Hitchhiker, Beyond Reality and The Jon Dore Show. Frappier is also famous for narrating a series of 4 part films called Imperfect Union: Canadian Labour and the Left. She currently runs drama classes called "Dragontrails drama" in Toronto, Ontario.