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Raye Hino is the superhero who transforms into Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon anime.

She played Foxglove in Ron 'n Ash Rescue Rangers

She played Kim Possible in Raye Possible

She played Lily in Pokemon (4000Movies Style)

She played Roxanne in The Darien Movie (A Goofy Movie)

She played Drizella in Minarella

She played Xandra in Legend of the 3 Caballeros (4000Movies Style)

She Played Bulma Briefs In Dragon Ball (4000Movies Style)

She Played Sadara Uchiha In Darienruto Ashruto the next Generation

She Played Tomoyo Daidouji/Madison Taylor


  • Megan Hollingshead - Pokemon (4000Movies Style)
  • Grey DeLisle - Legend of the 3 Caballeros (4000Movies Style)
  • Tiffany Volmer (????) Monica Rail (English Kai) Hiromi Tsuru (English) Emanuela Pacotto (Japanese) - Dragon Ball (4000Movies Style)


  • (Inuyasha) (Same Look)
  • Misty (Pokemon) (Both Hotheads)
  •  ???? (Aladdin)
  • (Both Black Hair)
  • Xandra (Both ????)
  • Cinderella's Dark Haired stepsister (Cinderella) (Both Rude)
  • Roxanne (A Goofy Movie) (Both ????)