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Sailor Kim Episode 137 Beach Blanket Bungle Sneak Peek (For 4000Movies)

A sneak peak to 4000Movies' upcoming episode of Season 4 of Sailor Kim.


  • (Beach Scene)
  • (Kids Playing on the Beach)
  • Princess Eilonwy: Wow! You gotta see these guys. They're truly fine.
  • (Kim Grabs the Binoculars from Eilonwy): Lemme see. Oh, you're right. But they're still not in Ron's league.
  • (May Grabs the Binoculars from Kim): Where? Which way? Oh, I see them now!
  • (Ariel Grabs the Binoculars from May): Where? Lemme feast my eyes on them!
  • May (off-screen): He looks like my ex-boyfriend.
  • Chip: They come to this great beach, and all they do is ogle boys.
  • Gadget Hackwrench: And do quite what they want.
  • (Ariel Looks at the Beach Through the Binoculars Until...)
  • (Someone Pops in Front of Ariel)
  • (Ariel Screams)
  • Dave Seville: Hey, there, girls. Do lovely ladies come here often?
  • Inspector Jamal: Hey, haven't I seen you someplace before?
  • (Clyde Laughs): Yeah.
  • (Kim, Ariel, May, and Eilonwy Look Puzzled)
  • Ariel: They're hitting on us.
  • Princess Eilonwy: You know it.
  • (Kim and May Nod)
  • Kim Possible: It's true. Ritchie, give us a hand here.
  • Ritchie: Right. Hey, dudes, these ladies are spoken for.
  • Dave Seville: And who are you?
  • Inspector Jamal: Come on. Let's just get outta here.
  • Clyde Crashcup: Yeah.
  • (They Walk Away)
  • (Ritchie Spits): Ouch. I'm getting really tired of this stupid old charade, Kim.
  • Kim Possible: I'm sorry, Ritchie, but Ron's not here, and we need some kind of bodyguard to fend off unwanted. You'll just have to continue protecting us fine bait from riffraff.
  • Ritchie: I thought I just had to protect you.
  • Velma Dinkley: Well, protecting Kim's a tough job, Ritchie.
  • (Ritchie Stares at Velma)
  • Velma Dinkley: Don't worry yourself about us. Why don't you go and swim for a while? It's so refreshing.
  • Ritchie: Uhh--
  • Emmy (off-screen): Come on, Ritchie.
  • Ritchie: Uh, no. I'll go by myself.
  • Velma and Emmy: Huh?
  • Kim Possible: What was that?
  • Princess Eilonwy: Velma's always so nice to him. I think he has a crush on her.
  • Ariel: So Ritchie's going for an older woman.
  • May: That explains the blushing.
  • Kim Possible: Huh? What are you guys talking about? He's a kid.
  • Emmy: As if that would matter.
  • Kim Possible: Huh?


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